Quality Document Management System

The Empower CS ‘Quality Document’ Management System allows companies to: store all their quality documents in a secure online repository, track revisions with version controls, apply user access restrictions or permissions and ensure only accurate and up-to-date quality documents are available for use by employees.

Incident Management System

The SharePoint-based Incident Management system allows companies to identify, report, analyse, respond to, or act upon issues arising in relation to workplace health and safety, business management and quality assurance.

Employee On-boarding

The Empower CS Employee On-boarding Solution automates all your on-boarding tasks in order to reduce the time required for new hires to become acquainted with their new company and their role within it.

Employee Leave Management Application

The Empower CS Employee Leave Management Application is an easy-to-use web-based solution that helps companies log and manage employee leave.

Corporate Staff Directory

The Corporate Staff Directory helps businesses to pre-populate as much standardised information as possible and have additional fields to capture employee skills, certifications and any other custom fields as required by the business.